Discover the Perfect Shipyard Location for Yacht Builders, Contractors, Yacht Owners and the Crew at Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus

Located just minutes away from Amsterdam's city center and with easy access via the North Sea Canal, our campus provides a convenient hub for the production, refit, and maintenance of superyachts up to an impressive length of 200 meters, as well as 35 yacht berths.

Capturing Progress from Above: Aerial View of the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus Site

A Unique Shipyard Location

Located in the Western Docklands of Amsterdam, the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus boasts a unique location with its own quay and the ability to dock ships up to 200 meters long. As the only shipyard in the region capable of providing comprehensive services for yacht builders and owners, including construction, modification, maintenance, and repair of all types of superyachts, our location makes us the ideal hub for the superyacht industry. It allows different stakeholders involved in the yacht building process to collaborate, innovate, and create future-proof solutions for the yachting industry.

Convenient Access to the City and Airport

Perfectly situated, our Campus is a mere 15-minute drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the third largest airport in Europe, and only 5 minutes from the bustling city center of Amsterdam. Additionally, the helipad located near the shipyard provides yacht owners with a quick and easy way to access their yachts, saving them time and avoiding transportation-related delays, as well as the ability to travel directly to the shipyard from other locations. 

Seamless Sea Access to the Shipyard

Superyachts can easily access Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus via the North Sea Canal, navigating through the largest sea lock in the world. This lock stretches 500 meters in length, 70 meters in width, and 18 meters deep, making it easy for yachts heading towards major shipyard refits or the increasingly fashionable Northern European route towards Scandinavia, the Baltic, and the Arctic region to make an obvious stop-off. From there, it's only a short, scenic sail through the tidal waters to our shipyard facilities. 

Great Location for Yacht Crew

Amsterdam is a popular destination known for its safe, welcoming, and inclusive culture, which can help create a positive and supportive environment for yacht crew. This can help reduce stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions that can impact crew turnover and satisfaction during the shipyard period. The city offers plenty of opportunities for the crew to explore the city and its many attractions during their time off. This can help alleviate the boredom and monotony that can come with being stuck on board a ship for an extended period of time.

In addition, the Netherlands' well-connected transportation infrastructure makes it easy for crew members to travel to and from the shipyard, either for work or leisure. This can help reduce the feeling of isolation and confinement that can sometimes come with being in a shipyard.


The Campus Address:
Siciliëweg 10 ​
1045 AS Amsterdam
The Netherlands