The Development Project by Larendael.

Welcome to the visionary project Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, nestled in Amsterdam's western port area, spanning 66 hectares and poised to redefine the boundaries of yacht production in the Netherlands and beyond.

The Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, development by the investment company Larendael, provides a unique opportunity for all companies involved in yacht production, maintenance, and refits to acquire or lease dedicated spaces.

The Campus acts as a vibrant hub that fosters collaboration and synergy among industry professionals, while embracing the principles of innovation, sustainability, and the continuous advancement of the Dutch superyacht industry.

Creating Sustainable Project with a Vision for the Future

What we offer

Every aspect of the shipyard campus's layout and infrastructure has been carefully crafted to provide an ideal setting for companies to establish their presence. By facilitating collaboration and embracing innovation, the shipyard campus nurtures a vibrant ecosystem where diverse companies can thrive and push the boundaries of superyacht production. 

A Unique Shipyard Location 

Amsterdam as a Perfect Shipyard Location for Yacht Builders, Yacht Owners and the Crew

Every aspect of the campus's design fosters collaboration, creating an open and cutting-edge environment.

The vision for the campus is to create a collaborative ecosystem that brings together various companies in the superyacht industry, including yacht builders, designers, contractors, suppliers, and research institutions. By providing them with a shared space and state-of-the-art facilities, the campus aims to promote knowledge exchange, facilitate innovation, and drive technological advancements in superyacht construction.

Uniting the Yachting Industry: Showcasing the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus

June 5, 2023
The event served as a platform to showcase the exciting development project and provided an opportunity for fruitful exchanges and collaborations. We extend our sincere appreciation to all attendees for their valuable presence and support, and we are committed to organizing more events in the future...
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