At Larendael, we are more than just an innovative investment company - we are a passionate team dedicated to creating sustainable and distinctive projects that make a positive contribution to society and the environment. 

Led by our visionary founder, Wim Beelen, we seek opportunities to scale and maximize our impact while stimulating the open-mindedness of the younger generation. With a focus on waterfront locations and harnessing innovation, we take pride in our flagship projects, such as the CTPark Amsterdam City Hub, a sustainable last mile concept, and our latest cutting-edge shipyard campus project, the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, located at the strategic location of the former ADM shipyard in Amsterdam. 

Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and creating lasting legacies is what drives us to make a difference in the world.

CTPark Amsterdam City, near Amsterdam on the North Sea Canal, offers all-in-one logistics solutions from storage and packaging to distribution and transport. But what sets CTPark Amsterdam City apart is our focus on sustainability. With 100% emission-free logistics and energy generation by solar panels and wind turbines, with this development project we led the way in greener logistics. CTPark Amsterdam City is equipped to facilitate emission-free transport to and from Amsterdam, and our water connection allows for waterborne transport via electrically powered boats. Plus, the high-end office ensures seamless operations for the clients.

Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus

A visionary project nestled in Amsterdam's western port area, spanning 66 hectares and poised to redefine the boundaries of yacht production in the Netherlands and beyond. The Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus provides a unique opportunity for all companies involved in yacht production, maintenance, and refits to acquire or lease dedicated spaces. The campus acts as a vibrant hub that fosters collaboration and synergy among industry professionals, while embracing the principles of innovation, sustainability, and the continuous advancement of the Dutch superyacht industry.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds who are committed to establishing the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus as a world-class center for sustainable yacht building and cutting-edge technology.

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Creative Founder

Wim Beelen is an esteemed entrepreneur and visionary, driven by his passion for innovation and profound understanding of the yachting industry. As the creative founder of the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, he channels his exceptional blend of creativity and strategic thinking into establishing a world-class hub for sustainable yacht building and cutting-edge technology.

Central to Wim's vision is a collaborative culture that unites experts from diverse fields, fostering the development of groundbreaking technologies and practices that embody both innovation and sustainability. With unwavering dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit, Wim is resolute in propelling the Dutch superyacht building industry to a position of global leadership, ensuring its future-proof status and environmental responsibility.


Chris is a seasoned finance professional with years of experience in financial management, analysis, and reporting. As the CFO of the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, Chris is responsible for ensuring the financial stability and transparency of the organization.

Chris’s expertise lies in combining financial acumen with IT and data-driven analysis to provide up-to-date and accurate financial insights. He has a structured and analytical approach to financial management, while also emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communication across teams and departments. Chris is committed to supporting the vision of the shipyard campus as a hub for sustainable and innovative yacht building, and is dedicated to ensuring the financial health and growth of the organization.

Operations Director

Arnold plays a crucial role as the Operations Director at the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, where his background in ecology and environmental biology serves as a crucial asset to our team. With his deep understanding of the environmental impact of construction projects, he is responsible for preparing and supervising permits for the shipyard campus, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and best practices.

Arnold is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the shipyard and dedicated to ensuring that the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus operates in an environmentally sustainable manner. His expertise and passion for sustainability are a driving force behind our efforts to become a leader in sustainable yacht building and ensure a better future for the industry.

Gerard den Hertog
Operational Manager

As an operational manager, Gerard is passionate and dedicated to improving the business activities of the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus. He is determined to contribute to the success of the Campus by bridging the gap between customers and suppliers. His proven track record in streamlining operational processes, managing the supply chain, ensuring safety, and maintaining relationships with stakeholders makes him an essential link in our vision.

Gerard is driven to maximize operational efficiency and enhance quality, with a focus on customer satisfaction and successful supplier relationships. His ability to complement data analysis with the operational perspective adds clear value within our team.

Senior Architect

Arend is a seasoned senior architect designer who plays a crucial role in turning Wim's vision into reality by overseeing the design, incorporation, and visualization of the master plans. With his unique blend of reason and emotion, Arend is a vital member of the team, ensuring that our project is both visually stunning and feasible.

Arend's passion for harmonious collaboration between architects, clients, and contractors aligns perfectly with the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus's commitment to a sustainable and innovative yacht shipyard that is both visually impressive and environmentally responsible.